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Welcome To The Open International University For Alternative Medicines(OIUAM)



(Established as per 1962 World Health Organization Alma Ata Declaration and          accorded international recognition to make Alternative Medicine  popular and  based on the record of deeds dated September 1962 located at the Public Registry of Deeds of the Kazakhistan Socialist Soviet Republic No 115620 - 20 - 6 - 30.  Constituted under the authority of MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA -ALMA ATA 1962)

Incorporated for Education, Practice, Research, Development, Propagation and Promotion of Alternative Medicines.

Accredited By  IAO, WAUC, United States of America

Membership With UNESCO & UNICEF

60, Mela Chetty street, Kuttalam - 609801, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Ph : 04364 - 234112, Cell : 9788181382, 9488941596

e-mail : oiuam2003@gmail.com /nbam2003@gmail.com

www.ointunialtmed.net / www.nbaltmed.org


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          Welcome to enroll yourself in the course of your choice.

          Go through the following pages carefully before filling in the form of application for admission or registration and be sure you satisfy the eligibility condition before you send in your application for admission to the Directorate.

          The Smart Educational Trust (SET) is licensed by the Government of  Tamilnadu to provide Education, Practice, Research, Development, Propagation, and Promotion of Alternative Medicines in the medical field. The referred Trust is affiliated to The Open International University for Alternative Medicines and approved by NBAM of India. The Open International University for Alternative Medicines (OIUAM) will issue the Certificate, Diploma, Degree, in Complementary or Alternative  Medicines (CAM) to the successful students and the Central  Council of  India  formerly   known as National  Board of  Alternative  Medicines   (NBAM )will register the name and issue the Medical Registration Certificates as Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) to those who possess the certificate issued by OIUAM and thereby legally qualifies them for Alternative Medical Practice (become a Doctor).

The course fee and the Registration fee must be paid by way of  Demand Draft drawn in favour of the “The President, National Board of Alternative Medicines payable at Kuttalam – 609801 and should be sent by Registered Post with Acknowledgement due to The Registrar, NBAM, 60, Mela Chetty Street, Kuttalam – 609801, Nagai – Dt, Tamilnadu, S. India.

Fees should be made as DD in favour of the

President, National Board of Alternative Medicines, Kuttalam - 609 801

Or Remit in the NBAM  A/C No. 34376721591 - SBI, Kuttalam- Branch,

( Br.Code  No.12794),   (IFS Code : SBIN0012794)    or

Chairman, Smart Educational Trust, (SET), Kuttalam – 609801

Or Remit in the  SET  A/C No. 6493312334 – Indian Bank, Kuttalam - Branch,

( Br. Code  No. 2744),   (IFS Code : IDIB000K288)

Note : Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted in any circumstances.


Prospectus Prize is Rs. 250/- in Person, Rs.300/- by Post       

Prof. Dr. T.SELVARAJ, Chairperson.



Unit of


Incorporated for Education,Practice,Research,Development,Propagation and Promotion of Alternative Medicines

60, Mela chetty street, Kuttalam - 609801, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.              

Ph : 04364 - 234112, Cell : 9788181382,                             

e-mail : oiuam2003@gmail.com /nbam2003@gmail.com

                            www.ointunialtmed.net / www.nbaltmed.org


Affiliated to


Authorized. Ministry of  Health & Family  Welfare, (Department of Health Research)

Government of India, Vide their Letter No. V.25011/416/2014-HR(Vol.II), Dt. 09.09.2015;

& No. C.30011/22/2010-HR, Dt. 21.06.2011.

Established to safeguard the interests and rights of the Alternative  Medical  Practitioners.


( Distance  Education  Only,   Calendar  Session  –  Jan  to  Dec )


*  Legality, Validity & Utility of the Training Courses, practice and research in the field of Alternative Systems of Medicines are in Conformity with the constitution of India and laws of the land.
*  All courses are approved and recognized by the Senate of  THE  OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (OIUAM)
*  Successful and trained students of the Board can practice and profess the various systems of Alternative Medicines in India as per rules and regulations of NBAM. Registration from MCI,CCIM & CCH is not required to practice the Alternative   System  of  Medicines  (ASM) as  per  their  letters  respectively No.MCI      12(1)/2010 med.misc/63131.dt.07.02.2011/CCIM-F.No.20-50/2011(RTI)-VI-   
* The order issued by Govt. of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Dept. of Health Research No.V.25011/276/2009-HR,Dt.05.05.2010 &No.30011/22/2010-HR,Dt.21.06.2011.



All Degrees / Diplomas awarded by The Open International University for Alternative Medicines (OIUAM) are Approved by the National Board of Alternative Medicines (NBAM) and affiliated by the Smart Educational Trust (SET).

Established as per 1962 World Health Organisation Alma Ata Declaration and accorded international organization to make Alternative Medicines popular and based on the record of deeds dated September 1962 located at the Public Registry of deeds  of the Kazhakhistan Socialist Soviet Republic No. 115620- 6 – 30.

Incorporated under the authority of Medicina Alternativa, Alma – Ata 1962. Affiliated by the the Open International University for Complementary Medicines (OIUCM), Colombo, Srilanka, vide their letter No. MA/12/03 Dated : 24th Dec 2003.

Established vide WHO  Declaration of Alma-Ata -1962,

Gazette Notification of  Government of India
(Notification Published on September 21 – 27, 2013, vide No. 38 of Weekly)

 ( A Choice of quality education as alternative medicine system as distance education
system in Open Stream Methods).

Ready to march towards a rewarding career? OIUAM will be your guide to explore potential in you and will help prepare you for the journey.

OIUAM offers a curriculum - Degree / PG Degree / Diplomas / PG Diplomas under  Distance Education (Distance / Correspondence / Open mode) that is professionally designed to provide students with a solid foundation. Our courses are a culmination of education with medical oriented skills. This allows dynamic discussion within the class & helps in exploring medical oriented professional growth of the students. OIUAM prepare and help students to earn lively hood with their own choice.