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Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. E. ZAKIR HUSSAIN, M.B.A(HM)., M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.H.S., widely regarded as the pioneer of the Holistic Medical movement in India.  He is the former Registrar of the OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (OIUAM).  An Internationally renowned Practitioner of Alternative Medicine.  Dr.E.Zakir Hussain is also an social volunteer, Hakim, Electropathist – Psychologist, Varmalogist, Master of Mistic Healer in spiritualist in Holistic Natural Science & Prof of Botanical EH plants.

After studying & Practicing the different system of alternative medicines, the science and art of healing.  Alt.Med. is a science because it is based on knowledge gained through careful study and experimentation. Alt.med. is regarded as goddess of health.

He though the Disease can also be cured with the help of Alternative Medicine and prepared medicine from vital force Herbs for many type of Diseases.  He devoting his Life to medical experiment cure the diseases and succeeded in curing some of worst forms of diseases through alternative medicine.



Dr.E.Zakir Hussain is University Rank holder in Sociology, Psychology and also he is earned Doctor of Philosophy.  He is Traditionally Unani (Kakim) Doctor.  He Completed his Diploma in Tibbi Unani Medicine and he is registered  under state council for unani system of medicine (WB). and Regd from state Council of Ayurvedic & Unani Medicine Bihar – Patna  & Board of Homoeopathic system of Medicine.  Nagaland, Kohima.

Dr.E.Zakir Hussain Completed his graduated with a degree of B.E.M.S & M.D(EH) (Regular) from the N.E.H.M. of India. (Ministry of Health & F.W.Govt of India) and a Ph.D from CEHSM-UP.  He is an eminent consultant spigeric Essence & Electro Homoeopathy – south Indian Examiner, P.G.GUIDE in Electropathy and professor of the CEHSM – UP. He is working as Vice-Principal & HOD of pharmacy and Medicine in M.S. Medical Institute of Electropathy & Hospital (NEHM OF INDIA) and his out standing Services for the Promotion & Development and Research Electropathy  Holistic treat in India.

He earned his D.Acu (Adv) and Dr.Acu from the JCM and M.D(Acu), M.D.(Med Alt) from the OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINES (CYLONE).  And a Ph.D., from Medicine Alternative a (USSR). Dr.E.Zakir Hussain was conferred the D.Sc (Herbal Pyramid) in OIUCM  from the F.C.P.U.(UK) for his outstanding services for the Holistic Natural Healing in India.

He earned his M.D(Alt.Med), from the open International University for Alternative Medicine.  KUTTALAM .(TN).  and  a Ph.D (Medical Astrology) from OIUAM-NBAM (T.N)., Dr.E.Zakir Hussain was conferred the  D.Sc.(HC)  in OIUAM T.N. He is Honorable patron & Medical Advisor as MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA RESEARCH CENTRE & HEALTH (MARCH) at Chennai.

Dr.E.Zakir Hussain has received the award for Varma, Clinical & Classical Meridian Acupuncture & Nature Herbal Yoga from BSS  in India & Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU).

He holds wide ranging of Fellowship & Life Memberships  in Holistic Health and Social Medical field PEACE UNIVERSITY (United Kingdom), International Council for Electro Homoeopathy (USA)., Central Research Institute for Medical Sciences (MBI), Indian Board of Naturopathy (LCW), Niyamath Science Academy TN., Thanulogical society  of India (TN)., & Indian Red cross society – Tamil Nadu Branch., and IMPCOPS – Chennai.

In recognition of his achievements in  Alternative Medicines and social welfare. Dr. E. Zakir Hussain has received several prestigious award from a Lions Club, Rotary Club, JCS Club and social organization. In 1990 he was presented the “Social Service – Gold Medal” awards by the BABA.e-TIB.  Prof.Dr.Hakim.  Syed Kalifathullah.  N.S.A. In 1992 “YEO MAN  SERVICE  AWARD” Vellore Collectorate, Govt of Tamil Nadu.  In 1995 he was presented the “Health service” award   by VHO and the following year in 2000 he was “out standing award” by the Mesmeric  & Hypnotic Institute – State Level conference at Chennai.  In 2005 he as presented the “Best Psychologist award” by TSMT COVAI .  In the year 2010 he was presented “ Best Electro Herboligist award” by TEMO’s 5th south India EH conference at Coimbatore.

He served as a Instructor in Nehru Yuva Kandra (Govt of India) Salem and president, at school Development committee.  G.G.Hr.S. & Director NHSC’s Prevention of Drug addiction counseling centre and Dr.Hahnemann Homeopathy Free Dispensary   .SLM.

M.B.A(HM)., M.A., M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.H.S.,