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“Wind of change are now softly blowing in the fields of natural medicines. This   re-birth of the medicines of the past will help to humanize the scientific medicine of tomorrow and structure a new futuristic, integrated medicine for the 21st century”.

First of all, I would like to thank you for showing interest in the alternative  medical therapies, which is becoming more and more popular  throughout the world.

Natural and traditional medicines respond directly to the Third world’s need for psychological health and physical well being. It is also congruent to man’s intense desire for spiritual and aesthetic fulfillment. For an oriental, traditional medicine represents the sum total to measures, ingredients, customs and creative procedures of several forms, both material and spiritual which since prehistoric times, have enabled him to remain healthy by protecting himself against disease, alleviating human suffering and curing disorders, the majority of Orientals regard life as a total synthesis of  the  body, mind and spirit and, in accordance with this firm conviction, they consider positive health as the  blending of physical ,mental ,social, moral and spiritual wellbeing, Natural     Healers are, therefore, part of the natural heritage of the health care system. Since the practitioners of traditional medicines are already well patronized and respected by members of the communities which they serve, the adoption of natural  medicine in the grand design in the strategy of implementation of national health care programmes makes pragmatic sense. The “ bare foot doctors” is a successful example of this strategy.

          In 1977, the “30th World Health Organization (WHO) assembly adopted a historic resolution urging interested governments to give ” adequate importance to the utilization of their traditional systems of medicine with appropriate    regulations to suit their national health needs. Both developing and developed countries have, thereafter, displayed greater interest and awareness in using traditional and indigenous health care resources in the implementation of their national health programmes.

          Immediately in the 1977 WHO resolution, a world wide promotional effort for traditional and natural medicines was launched. The success of this promotion may be measured by the growing interest in these disciplines among many     successful practitioners.

There is a growing volume of articles and research papers on related themes appearing in scientific journals and lay publications ; consequently, many       scientific institutes and agencies are seeking to collaborate in research and training in traditional medicines.

          Thus the traditional medicine program today is at historical crossroads. It has generated international awareness of the richness and importance of the subject, a development which represents the rebirth of the medicine of the past and one which may help to humanize the medicine of tomorrow.

          A few decades ago, it was generally assumed by the scientific community that medicinal plants, homoeopathic doses, acupuncture needles, magnets, yoga etc. could be safely relegated to no more than a footnote of medical history but this assumption has indeed, turned out to be very premature one. During the past two decades, the upsurge of herbology, homoeopathy, acupuncture, yoga etc. in every country, has been phenomenal, Manipulative medicines are being taken seriously note of, the world over, particularly in locomotors disorders. The complementary medicines are here to stay and need to be integrated with        allopathic medicines, sooner rather than later.

          The Open International University for Alternative Medicines (OIUAM) has been founded for the purpose of teaching the various alternative therapies as you will find in the subsequent pages. The institution imparts teaching through the correspondence systems of imparting education.

          We trust as a result of your enquiry and the receipt of this prospectus, you will decide to enroll with us, and join the ever-growing roll of students. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us.

Good luck! Best Wishes!!