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Ph D(AM) /Ph.D(EH) / Ph.D(TM) /Ph.D(Acu)

D.Sc (AM) / D.Sc (HC)

Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicines  Ph.D.(AM)

Doctor of Philosophy in Electro – Homoeopathy  Ph.D.(EH)

Doctor of Philosophy in Traditional Medicines  Ph.D.(TM)

Doctor of Philosophy in Acupuncture Medical Science  Ph.D.(Acu)

( On Thesis Submission/ Research Basis )


The Candidates who have completed the M.D(AM)., M.D(E.H)., M.D(Acu).,or any other Master Degree Course in Medical such as M.D., M.D.S., M.D(S)., M.D(A).,M.D(H)., M.P.T., M.Pharm., M.Sc (Nursing) etc.,  

2. DURATION :           1 Year

3)  FEES:    Rs.55000/- which can be remitted in two  installments: Rs.30000/- with application form on or before 31st January, and the balance Rs. 25000/- within 3 months or on or before 30th April of the same year.

4)  REQUIREMENT FOR THE  AWARD OF Ph.D  : The candidate must have to submit an original & authentic research work (thesis) of at least 300 pages (2 copies of printed thesis & 1 copy on CD) in any branch of Alternative Medicine under the guidance of competent person or institution with prior approval of  this institution. The completed thesis along with guide certificate should be submitted on or before 30th October of the same year.


For  D.Sc (AM)  &  D.Sc (HC)

Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines D.Sc.(AM)

( On The Basis of  Medical Services to the Society )


Doctor of Science in Honoris Causa D.Sc (HC)

( On The Basis of Social Services to the Society )



Minimum  Basic  Qualification  is  exempted  to  the  Voluntary  Social   Welfare  Workers  D.Sc (H.C)


Donation for the development of our institution will be accepted as per the suggestion issued by the Committee.


Note : Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted in any circumstances.